Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Molly's update

Dearest friends,

A lot has happened since my last update over six weeks ago.  An MRI scan showing a dangerous spread of soft tissue growth into my spinal cord resulted in a mad dash to hospital for emergency surgery. What had began as intermittent numbness and loss of function in my left arm now posed the threat of paralysis from the neck down. The to-ing and fro-ing of panic stricken medics lasted for three days and after fasting for (too) long, the surgery was cancelled at the very last minute.
So many of you had said ‘It’s moving too fast, slow it down’ and guess what, those were the very words the surgeon used.  A final look at my scans had convinced him there was a less invasive option than risky spinal surgery. After days of worrying about nuts, bolts and screws holding up my spine post-surgery, you can imagine my relief at the offer of emergency radiotherapy and IV steroids instead.
I returned home for a week of bliss only to be re-admitted a week later. I had managed to contract E.Coli and Septicemia, all thanks to my lengthy hospital stays I think! Here followed yet more antibiotics, steroids and IV fluids and it’s taken until this week to regain aspects of my strength.  With joy, I’m back driving, cooking a little, writing, taking supplements and even going for five minute strolls.
I wrote last time of pursuing Chemo but have since decided it’s not the path for me as of now. I’m still not sure where I’m headed – how long the road or how easy the journey - but I do know I’m not alone. Friendships have been my strength and I sense your healing thoughts and waves of energy sent from all corners of the world. Thank you. There is without doubt power in group thought and healing.

You’re my angels,

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  1. health in abundance to you both t.o'c
    Prayer of Thy Healing Angels,
    That is carried from God by Michael, Thy Archangel
    Pour out, Thy Healing Angels,
    Thy Heavenly Host upon me,
    And upon those that I love,
    Let me feel the beam of Thy Healing Angels upon me,
    The Light of Your Healing Hands. I will let Thy Healing begin, Whatever way God grants it,